Olivia Munn explained why Psylocke will not be in Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

After Psylocke left his role as an accomplice of the titular villain at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, followers of the mutant franchise assumed that the character played by Olivia Munn would follow in Storm’s footsteps and join the X-Men. But that will not happen.

Facing the premiere of Dark Phoenix, Olivia Munn spoke with Entertainment Tonight and detailed that Psylocke will not appear in the next film of the classic team.

Of course, his absence is not a surprise considering that the character has not even been mentioned in the progress. However, the actress explained that it was not the plot that excluded Psylocke from the film.

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“I was signing The Predator back then, so there was no time to film (Dark Phoenix), so I’m not in it. I have to tell them, “said the actress.

Munn starred in the new movie Predator directed by Shane Black, which would have caused the conflict in the filming date of both productions.

The actress told nothing more about the film because, in addition to not being involved, revealed that a fact that had previously indicated on Dark Phoenix full movie got her in trouble with Fox.

“I can not say anything because the last time I said a bit they sent me a note. But no, I’m not in that, “he said.

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