Michelle Williams confesses that she did not understand the ‘Venom’ movie

‘Venom’ has been a blockbuster worldwide grossing more than $ 855 million and has confirmed the sequel, but actress Michelle Williams who played Anne Weying says she still does not understand the story at all.

In a recent interview with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, he joked about his involvement in the film, as he said: “I do not even know much about the Venom movie, let alone about the sequel.” It’s not clear if Williams was just being shy or if he really found the plot confusing.
Michelle Williams confesses that she did not understand the Venom movie

Is it better for actors to study comic book characters? Or maybe they should act without having any idea of ​​the Universe to which they belong? What is clear is that someone should explain the script well before the cameras start rolling.

Venom‘ is a film of origins with great potential to exploit.

One of the great confusions that the actors have taken is that they shot something that later did not come very close to what was shown on the big screen. They planned the film as if it were R-rated, but in the end the montage removed parts so that everyone could see it in the cinema. Tom Hardy already complained a lot, a little before it was released ‘Venom’ but the great collection gave him the reason to the film studio.

From now on we have to start thinking about ‘Venom 2’ and the rest of the movies that SONY will do with Marvel characters.

Although the actress Michelle Williams did not understand the film or do not know anything about the symbiote, it will be in the sequel. Since his character will be very important for the protagonist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). But there will be more films, since they are preparing the one of ‘Morbius, the living vampire’ or ‘Kraven, the hunter’. Two classic Spider-Man villains that will have their films origins and that will surely be very interesting and above all different to what we are used to in terms of superhero movies. also read venom full movie They are creating a cinematic universe parallel to Marvel Studios.

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