According to a rumor, It: Chapter 2 would last almost three hours

It Chapter 2

In September the expected second part of It will arrive, where we can see the adult versions of the Losers Club facing the terrifying Pennywise for the last time. Without knowing more details at the moment, an anonymous user of Twitter said he had been present during a test function of the film, sharing his appreciation with the rest.

The unknown Twittero affirms that It: Chapter 2 lasts almost three hours. Although he considered it quite good, he states that he still needs some work, preferring his first part.

He only revealed that at the moment, since, to say more details, Warner could sue him “until a premature grave”.

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This is, for now, just a rumor, since nothing has been confirmed by official sources It Chapter 2 full movie.

Remember that in these test functions, preliminary versions of the films are shown, subjecting them to changes after the first reactions.

Considering that more than six months are missing for its release, the final version could have several differences with respect to which ViewerAnon had access. It is worth mentioning that the user advances several premieres to be present in these functions, but not always could be correct.

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In any case, it would not surprise a longer duration than the first part, since along with covering the adult lives of its protagonists, it will also show them in their children’s versions seen previously. In addition, the extension of the original Stephen King book exceeds 1,500 pages, so there is much terror to offer.

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