Fans ask to eliminate Liam Neeson from Men In Black International

Men In Black International

It seems that the right to be forgotten does not exist in the digital age. After Liam Neeson shared an anecdote about how he sought revenge on a black man who raped a friend of his, the Internet came on him and labeled him a racist for calling him “black bastard” and now some Twitter users are asking for his head in the film Men in Black: International his next film, they think it would be out of place.

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Social networks are still in flames after Liam Neeson said he wanted revenge with a mallet against the sexual abuser of a friend. The actor will star in the next installment of the franchise that began Men in Black – alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, but now there are those who want their performance removed from the tape for their comments, as it seems they do not it is appropriate that I continue in it.

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Other comments simply assure that the film is already stained by the comments and now they do not want to see it. All this because of the anecdote with which Neeson tried to explain how violence is not the solution and it is a mistake to get carried away by fury. Men In Black International full movie In the end, there was no incident and the actor learned from the situation, which happened 40 years ago, that it is okay to put his feelings before the reason.

Ironically, Neeson is known for the film Reckless Search – in which he must track and recover the daughter of his character. The speech given to one of the kidnappers by telephone is one of the actions that are most remembered by the public. In that film he uses his abilities to collect revenge against those who kidnap his daughter while she is on vacation.

Men In Black International will be the sequel to the original saga about an organization of secret agents dedicated to protecting Earth from alien threats, as well as keeping visitors from other planets hidden from the public’s knowledge. Although the film will be starred by the stars of Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, Neeson will play the commander of both.

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Could Sony erase Neeson as Ridley Scott did with Kevin Spacey in All Money of the World – 63%? It would depend on the importance of its role but it would surely be very unlikely to happen given that it would involve re-filming sequences that surely cost a lot of money. But the real question is: should they eliminate it? The actor did nothing after all. These are some of the comments:

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