Fans ask to eliminate Liam Neeson from Men In Black International

Men In Black International

It seems that the right to be forgotten does not exist in the digital age. After Liam Neeson shared an anecdote about how he sought revenge on a black man who raped a friend of his, the Internet came on him and labeled him a racist for calling him “black bastard” and now some Twitter users are asking for his head in the film Men in Black: International his next film, they think it would be out of place.

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Social networks are still in flames after Liam Neeson said he wanted revenge with a mallet against the sexual abuser of a friend. The actor will star in the next installment of the franchise that began Men in Black – alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, but now there are those who want their performance removed from the tape for their comments, as it seems they do not it is appropriate that I continue in it.

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Other comments simply assure that the film is already stained by the comments and now they do not want to see it. All this because of the anecdote with which Neeson tried to explain how violence is not the solution and it is a mistake to get carried away by fury. Men In Black International full movie In the end, there was no incident and the actor learned from the situation, which happened 40 years ago, that it is okay to put his feelings before the reason.

Ironically, Neeson is known for the film Reckless Search – in which he must track and recover the daughter of his character. The speech given to one of the kidnappers by telephone is one of the actions that are most remembered by the public. In that film he uses his abilities to collect revenge against those who kidnap his daughter while she is on vacation.

Men In Black International will be the sequel to the original saga about an organization of secret agents dedicated to protecting Earth from alien threats, as well as keeping visitors from other planets hidden from the public’s knowledge. Although the film will be starred by the stars of Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, Neeson will play the commander of both.

New trailer for Dumbo, the real-life film of Tim Burton

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Could Sony erase Neeson as Ridley Scott did with Kevin Spacey in All Money of the World – 63%? It would depend on the importance of its role but it would surely be very unlikely to happen given that it would involve re-filming sequences that surely cost a lot of money. But the real question is: should they eliminate it? The actor did nothing after all. These are some of the comments:

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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: first images of the awaited new film

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
One of the most anticipated titles of this 2019, if not the most (it hurts or not), is the new work of Quentin Tarantino. You put as you put, the director is one of the great and his new cast and the setting of ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood imdb‘ put our teeth so long that we have destroyed the parquet. One of those exclusive that fix you the weekend.

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In case someone has just come from a trip from outer space and still do not know, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ presents Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, movie star, and his double stunt, Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, in search of a destiny according to his ambition through a Hollywood in full change. As uncomfortable and sordid background noise, Sharon Tate, in the skin of Margot Robbie, is killed in unpleasant circumstances.

As if it were not enough with the main trident, the film also features Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Timothy Olyphant, Bruce Dern, Damian Lewis, Tim Roth, Emile Hirsch, Luke Perry, Michael Madsen, Lena Dunham, James Marsden and Dakota Fanning. , among many, many others.

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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ will hit theaters next summer, with a release date in Spain marked for August 9.

According to a rumor, It: Chapter 2 would last almost three hours

It Chapter 2

In September the expected second part of It will arrive, where we can see the adult versions of the Losers Club facing the terrifying Pennywise for the last time. Without knowing more details at the moment, an anonymous user of Twitter said he had been present during a test function of the film, sharing his appreciation with the rest.

The unknown Twittero affirms that It: Chapter 2 lasts almost three hours. Although he considered it quite good, he states that he still needs some work, preferring his first part.

He only revealed that at the moment, since, to say more details, Warner could sue him “until a premature grave”.

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This is, for now, just a rumor, since nothing has been confirmed by official sources It Chapter 2 full movie.

Remember that in these test functions, preliminary versions of the films are shown, subjecting them to changes after the first reactions.

Considering that more than six months are missing for its release, the final version could have several differences with respect to which ViewerAnon had access. It is worth mentioning that the user advances several premieres to be present in these functions, but not always could be correct.

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In any case, it would not surprise a longer duration than the first part, since along with covering the adult lives of its protagonists, it will also show them in their children’s versions seen previously. In addition, the extension of the original Stephen King book exceeds 1,500 pages, so there is much terror to offer.

Olivia Munn explained why Psylocke will not be in Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

After Psylocke left his role as an accomplice of the titular villain at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, followers of the mutant franchise assumed that the character played by Olivia Munn would follow in Storm’s footsteps and join the X-Men. But that will not happen.

Facing the premiere of Dark Phoenix, Olivia Munn spoke with Entertainment Tonight and detailed that Psylocke will not appear in the next film of the classic team.

Of course, his absence is not a surprise considering that the character has not even been mentioned in the progress. However, the actress explained that it was not the plot that excluded Psylocke from the film.

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“I was signing The Predator back then, so there was no time to film (Dark Phoenix), so I’m not in it. I have to tell them, “said the actress.

Munn starred in the new movie Predator directed by Shane Black, which would have caused the conflict in the filming date of both productions.

The actress told nothing more about the film because, in addition to not being involved, revealed that a fact that had previously indicated on Dark Phoenix full movie got her in trouble with Fox.

“I can not say anything because the last time I said a bit they sent me a note. But no, I’m not in that, “he said.

Also ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ All the characters appear safe in the movie

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ All the characters appear safe in the movie

Spider-Man: Far From Home
We know that the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ is still far away and that, in fact, before will come the turn of ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’, but that does not mean we do not think of the starring film by Tom Holland. In fact, we have our dear Peter Parker very present and we do not stop asking ourselves at what point we will meet again with him and what will happen to him on that trip to Europe.

With the first trailer of the film, we have revealed the first details of it, which have not done anything but increase the expectation and expectations of the public. The Peter Parker of Tom Holland convinced us from the moment we saw him for the first time on screen and now he is one of the family that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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And Which members of this family will appear in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’? We still do not know the full cast, but we can already ensure that the following characters will be present in the film:

Logically, the Spider-Man himself will appear in the film and, of course, will be its protagonist. Tom Holland will put on his suit again, this time on the other side of the ocean, and will face new physical and emotional challenges.

As we have seen in the trailer, Aunt May will be present again. Now, in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home full movie‘, it seems that the character played by Marisa Tomei knows the double identity of her nephew and supports him!

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Thanks to the aforementioned trailer, we also know that MJ and Ned will continue alongside Peter Parker, although it seems that only the second knows his skills. Another clue tells us that our protagonist might be falling in love with the character that Zendaya gives life to.

New trailer for Dumbo, the real-life film of Tim Burton

After having a first glimpse of Dumbo’s Spanish trailer, Disney has released a new preview of its real-image film that Tim Burton will take to the big screen. You can see this trailer through the video that heads the news.

The story of this remake of Dumbo will focus on a former circus star, Holt Farrier, who returns to the stage after returning home after the war. Our protagonist finds work with a circus that is on the verge of bankruptcy and will take care of a newborn elephant, whose huge ears make it the laughingstock of the show.

Under the direction of Tim Burton, Dumbo’s real-image film will star Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Nico Parker Rooney, Douglas Reith, Joseph Gatt and Alan Arkin.

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It seems that Disney is determined to bring to the big screen all his classic animations in real image, one of the latest confirmations being the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Meanwhile this year we will have, apart from Dumbo, other productions of Disney’s real image, such as Aladdin and The Lion King visit Dumbo full movie.

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Dumbo will arrive flying to the movie theaters next March 29, 2019. What are you looking at everything shown so far of the film? You can tell us your impressions in our section dedicated to comments.

One more of the family A Dog’s Way Home

A Dog's Way Home
Every time Charles Martin Smith, a nice actor we remember A Dog’s Way Home in American Graffiti, but who we like to bring to mind as one of Elliot Ness’s Untouchables, wasted time directing family movies with dolphins that were pure Overdose of sugar, server wondered why he learned nothing when he was the star of a classic Disney of 1983, all he environmentalism, respect for nature and love of animals: The wolves do not cry. Carroll Ballard, the signer of that Kurosawanian and precious film (without being slobbering), such that his previous The Black Steed, could have served Smith as a model. However, he did not do it until now.

One more of the family, adaptation of another dog bestseller by the same author of Your best friend, Lasse Hallström, clicks similar keys of canine enchantment and tearful melodrama, but Charles Martin Smith, without disdaining this content (everything related to the traumatized character played by Ashley Judd), is carried away by more elements of the aforementioned Carroll Ballard.

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In fact, part of this odyssey back home of the dog (impossible not to soften before their mohines) abounds in an approach almost documentary and psychological. A Dog’s Way Home full movie They are very well that adventure to return home, their moments of animal solidarity worthy of other disneys zoophiles in real image (An incredible journey, Back home and even their moments of comedy and slapstick (the shop and the hen ), but the film transcends that format when it describes the psychology of the animal in relation to an unknown world of humans and obstacles.

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Road movie after all, A Dog’s Way Home One more of the family is again Sullivan’s travels, by Preston Sturges (the lively Bolt was already), perhaps as Gregory La Cava would have done: the meeting with that vagabond played by Edward James Olmos seems to indicate that Smith knows classical cinema very well. Despite all the clichés and clichés he handles, some without any kind of subtlety (the gay couple), the film arrives at home without problems, satisfies the instincts of its audience, contributes to the industry of paper handkerchiefs (recyclable) and it makes us better people. Or better dogs.

“The Favourite”: trailer, critique, awards and all about the Oscar-winning film 2019

The favorite

The favorite trailer, synopsis, story, critique and all about the movie His 10 nominations to the Oscar 2019 and 7 statuettes of the BAFTA 2019 have made of “La favorita” (“The Favorite” in its original language) the focus of interest of the followers of the biographical and dramatic cinema. The film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and written by Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara narrates the political machinations during the reign of Anne of Great Britain, the last British sovereign of the House of the Stuarts.

Lanthimos presents us with a royal palace full of hysteria, betrayal and paranoia, in whose rooms we practice pastimes such as the launching of oranges against naked men; and in particular it places us in the middle of the fierce battle in which a duchess and a servant girl get entangled by the attentions of Queen Anne, rendered useless by depression and gout attacks.

Actors and characters from “The Favourite

In September 2015, during the production process, it was announced that Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Kate Winslet had been chosen to star in the new film by Yorgos Lanthimos. However, in October of that same year, Rachel Weisz joined the cast in replacement of Winslet. Also, two years later, in February of 2017, Nicholas Hoult became the new tenant of the drama with Joe Alwyn, signed in March. This was the completion of the main cast of the film that today competes in 10 categories of the Oscar 2019 award, but: who is exactly who in “La favorita”:

• Olivia Colman as Queen Anne
• Emma Stone as Abigail Masham
• Rachel Weisz as Sarah Churchill
• Nicholas Hoult as Robert Harley
• Joe Alwyn as Samuel Masham
• Mark Gatiss as John Churchill

During an interview in Spain, the director of the film spoke about the particularity of the characters of “La favorita” and the environment of fiction. According to Lanthimos, “the characters of ‘La favorita’ speak with current idioms, the dresses are made with modern synthetic materials and in the film Baroque music is heard, but also a song by Elton John”.

The 45-year-old Greek director frames these anachronisms in his interest in contradictions: “I like to contrast things, and in ‘La favorita’ I have been able to combine absurd comedy with melodrama.”

The argument of “The favorite”

Early eighteenth century. England is at war with France and a weakened queen, Anna, occupies the throne, although she does not rule. The Favourite full movie That’s what her friend Lady Sarah does, due to the precarious state of health and the unstable character of the monarch. Of course, between the two there is more than friendship until intrudes Abigail.

Abigail is a disgraced relative of Sarah, who arrives at the palace as a servant with the favor of Sarah herself. However, Abigail soon becomes very close to the queen, to the point of displacing the Duchess of Marlborough, unleashing an internal battle between the two to become her ‘favorite’.

Michelle Williams confesses that she did not understand the ‘Venom’ movie

‘Venom’ has been a blockbuster worldwide grossing more than $ 855 million and has confirmed the sequel, but actress Michelle Williams who played Anne Weying says she still does not understand the story at all.

In a recent interview with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, he joked about his involvement in the film, as he said: “I do not even know much about the Venom movie, let alone about the sequel.” It’s not clear if Williams was just being shy or if he really found the plot confusing.
Michelle Williams confesses that she did not understand the Venom movie

Is it better for actors to study comic book characters? Or maybe they should act without having any idea of ​​the Universe to which they belong? What is clear is that someone should explain the script well before the cameras start rolling.

Venom‘ is a film of origins with great potential to exploit.

One of the great confusions that the actors have taken is that they shot something that later did not come very close to what was shown on the big screen. They planned the film as if it were R-rated, but in the end the montage removed parts so that everyone could see it in the cinema. Tom Hardy already complained a lot, a little before it was released ‘Venom’ but the great collection gave him the reason to the film studio.

From now on we have to start thinking about ‘Venom 2’ and the rest of the movies that SONY will do with Marvel characters.

Although the actress Michelle Williams did not understand the film or do not know anything about the symbiote, it will be in the sequel. Since his character will be very important for the protagonist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). But there will be more films, since they are preparing the one of ‘Morbius, the living vampire’ or ‘Kraven, the hunter’. Two classic Spider-Man villains that will have their films origins and that will surely be very interesting and above all different to what we are used to in terms of superhero movies. also read venom full movie They are creating a cinematic universe parallel to Marvel Studios.

We know more details of Wonder Park

Wonder Park
A few weeks ago we published the first trailer of “Wonder Park”, known in our country as “The Magic Park”. This animated film has gained special importance in the Spanish audiovisual world for several reasons, the main one being its budget: it has cost more than 100 million dollars that have come to the Madrid studio Ilion thanks to a commission from Paramount Pictures.

But who is this study? Everyone will have heard someone say that they have seen a Spanish movie that seems “foreign” like “Planet 51” and “Mortadelo y Filemón Contra Jimmy el Cachondo”, so Paramount decided that this small studio would be the most appropriate to produce “Wonder” Park. ”

Today we know that the film will arrive in the spring of 2019 Wonder Park full trailer in our cinemas but it has not been without problems: while the director had until recently been Dylan Brown, creator of “Ratatoille” and “Toy Story”, after receiving reports of abuse and inappropriate behavior was stopped and he is waiting to know who will replace him, as there are still details of the post-production phase to be completed.

In order to be profitable for the studio, the film will have to raise up to four times its initial budget since there will be a significant advertising investment. also read how to get Wonder Park full movie It is a good time to try to overcome the tough competition in animation with different projects like this one.